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     Mitchell Family Chiropractic's objective is to assist children in reaching their fullest potential.  A child’s nervous system not only controls their growth and development, but it also allows them to experience life. Therefore, it is essential that their nervous system be working properly and free of interference.


     Chiropractic care for children aids in removing subluxations or misalignments that may be inhibiting or interfering with their ability to function and develop properly. Removing these subluxations allows the body to restore proper communication between the body and the brain. This correction is performed through safe, gentle adjusting techniques specific to your child’s needs.


     Chiropractic care offers your family a solid foundation for wellness. It is our goal to enhance your child’s ability to function in a greater state of health. With that in mind, we have seen great results with head tilts, torticollis, nursing/latch problems, ear infections, colic, constipation and a variety of other problems that can arise with a subluxated nervous system. We offer a variety of techniques in order to obtain the best results for each individual including light touch, Activator, Diversified, and Thompson.


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