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What Our Patient's Have to Say...

My infant son was barely sleeping, having irregular bowel movements & was crying excessively. Some days he would cry from morning until night only stopping to eat or take a quick rest. We tried home remedies, chamomile tea, gripe water, gas drops, colief, colic calm, the elimination diet & doctor visits. Nothing seemed to work & the doctors only advice was to "wait it out."  When it was time for our 7 week checkup with our midwife she instantly suggested taking him to a chiropractor. I was confused by this at first but gave it a shot. After the first appointment my son took a 3 hour nap & a few hours later had the biggest blow out I have ever seen after not going for over 2 weeks! Axel is now 16 weeks old & a completely different baby since his very first appointment at 7 weeks old. He is happy & sleeps like an angel! My son & my insanity have been saved by our chiropractor, Dr. Jes. I highly recommend this to everyone!


My kids get their adjustments here and I can say that Dr. Jes is so very good with kids. Our baby was not able to latch, but she cleared that right up. Her practice is in a women's birthing center, so the atmosphere is very peaceful and serene. Defiantly  the place to go for chiropractic care if you want someone who understands the human body and takes the time to do adjustments right.

-Mike B

Henry was born a happy and healthy little boy, but was unable to straighten his head all the way. He seemed to have a constant crook in his neck which might have been causing some of our breastfeeding problems, so we started seeing Dr. Jes when he was about two months old.

Henry seemed to love his appointments and talking to Dr. Jes while she worked on his head and neck. Henry cried at his first adjustment since he was moving in new ways, but seemed to love all of his future appointments- He would smile and start talking to Dr. Jes as soon as we arrived in her office!

After the first appointment, we were no longer having issues with breastfeeding and after about three months of regular adjustments, Henry was able to keep his head straight with no problems!

Dr. Jes was great with Henry and I will definitely bring him back for future adjustments!

-Jessica S.


Dr. Jess is honestly the best chiropractor I have ever worked with. I was looking for somebody to adjust my newborn after learning that nursing challenges can result from the need for a chiropractic adjustment. I was in the middle of moving to the area and didn't know anybody to ask for a recommendation so after looking at several websites I sent an email for more information about her practice. She responded quickly affirming that she was able to adjust newborns and we were able to set up an appointment the day after we arrived. What started as a three visit plan to help my newborn has turned into ongoing care for our entire family. Since our insurance doesn't cover chiropractic I've only been able to get treatments occasionally when the need was particularly great but Dr. Jess has excellent plans that make regular care an affordable opportunity not only for me but for my children as well.
On top of giving us regular care she doesn't stick to a set adjustment routine. Many chiropractors I've seen have a set routine with little deviation for different people or concerns they are having. Dr. Jess  takes the time to assess and does the exact adjustment one needs at that moment. Really I can't say enough about how excellent Mitchell Family Chiropractic is.

-Stephanie B.

Dr. Jes Mitchell is a fantastic doctor! I would recommend her for anyone looking to get healthy and live a full abundant life!

-Michael V.

Dr. Mitchell is one of the most professional and thorough chiropractors I have been to. I would trust her with anyone is my family.

- Amber T.

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