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Happy Birthday Chiropractic!

These two old dudes are the father and son team that founded and discovered chiropractic, BJ and DD Palmer. Without them I wouldn't be a Chiropractor and you wouldn't be seeing your health transform through chiropractic care. These two discovered principles of the body that had never been considered before. And now, over 120 years later, medical research is continually being published that validates what the Palmers' discovered in the 1800's. We are constantly in awe that what they were into, way back in the day, is what we do now. On September 18, 1895 DD Palmer performed the first adjustment after years of intense study of the body, the spine, and the nervous system. He adjusted one vertebrae in the upper cervical spine of a man named Harvey Lillard with amazing results. A little back story lets us know that Harvey had experienced trauma as a young man which left him with no hearing. After the interference was removed from his upper cervical spine his hearing was restored. Now that's what I call an amazing chiropractic experience! For their contribution to our lives as Chiropractors, we highlight them each year around this time. These guys developed principles and techniques that hold true to this day. At Mitchell Family Chiropractic we hold true to those principles and techniques and practice closely what they intended. You can sleep soundly knowing that your Chiropractor is keeping true to the principles that were discovered and developed so long ago. Now that you've learned a little about chiropractic history, clear your mind, focus on the awesome people and experiences in your life and we'll see you soon for your next adjustment.

Happy Birthday Chiropractic!!!
In Love and Health,
Dr. Jes

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