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Constipation and Chiropractic

I recently had a mom bring in her 3 month old, Sarah, with constipation issues. Sarah had only pooped 3 times in 4 weeks. Mom had tried all sorts of different remedies from medications to changing her own diet as Sarah had only been breastfed and yet nothing seemed to help. The pediatrician told her that Sarah just had slow digestion. For anyone with a newborn that can be quite a concern! Luckily enough, the mom had been adjusted during the pregnancy and knew that if there was any nerve interference, the body can react and start to show symptoms. She thought that this may be why her baby was have digestion issues. So she brought in Sarah, I checked her, and sure enough found a couple segments that needed to be adjusted. After her gentle and specific adjustment mom took her home and about 2 hours later I got a text message letting me know there had been a huge blowout :) We had found the root of the cause and adjusted her so that the nerves could communicate with the body and rid itself of the buildup of waste and toxins.

To be honest, this is a very common story we get here. Little Sarah is definitely not the first baby we have helped poop and she sure won’t be the last.We like to think of constipation as a “plumbing” problem. To get a little technical, it is typically associated with an autonomic nervous system dysfunction. Your autonomic nervous system controls your gut motility and can have just as much of an effect on your body as proper nutrition and diet. It’s always important to remember that everyone is different and there will be different causes of constipation in everyone. There is no one adjustment that will clear it up, but there are definitely a handful of causes that we know of and can help with.

If you or someone you know is experiencing constipation come get your nervous system checked. You won’t know if the cause of your problems is related to a misalignment unless you get checked!

In Love and Health,

Dr. Jes

If you want to read about another moms journey with her kiddos, constipation and chiropractic check out this blog:


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