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Chiropractic Care is a Family Affair

A magical thing happens when a family unites to accomplish a common goal. Your family is your team and as a team you support each other in life. As with any team, it only reaches a major victory if all members of the team are on the same page. That common goal or objective creates a level of accountability that propels the team forward. We have the privilege to care for many families who have the goal of becoming healthier. In being a part of their health team we’ve noticed a few things about the most successful families. 1. The most successful families are all getting adjusted together. Not at the same time of the day necessarily, but they are all getting their nervous systems checked and adjusted regularly. 2. They make changes to the family diet. It’s not just some of the team that is eating better, it’s the whole team. When they all explore new food choices, they progress faster. 3. They are moving their bodies in healthy exercise together. Each team member may have their own version of exercise, but they are all improving their fitness. 4. They keep each other accountable. They make sure everyone on the team is staying focused on the objective and giving reminders to anyone who has strayed from the path of health to get back on track. We encourage you and your family to adopt some of these basic steps to improve the health of the entire team. If you have members of your team that aren’t getting their nervous systems checked and adjusted, that would be the first place to start. Talk to us about setting up their initial exam and starting them on the path to better health.

In Love and Health,

Dr. Jes

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