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Pregnancy, Chiropractic and Webster

Pregnancy and Chiropractic

Let's talk pregnancy. I’m very lucky because my office is connected to The Birthing Inn, the only freestanding birthing center in Tacoma. So I get to not only see lots and lots of pregnant moms but I also have the advantage of having access to quite a few amazing midwives. But like I said, I see A LOT of pregnant moms. So you may think that some of those awful pains and aches are specific to you, but believe me… I’ve probably seen it before.

I sometimes get the feeling that being pregnant gets a bad rap. You always hear about the back pain and the hip pain and the feeling of just being uncomfortable all the time. And you may think that because you are pregnant it's totally normal to feel all these things. BUT it's not. It is very very common, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it's normal or that you have to experience any of it.

Chiropractic is an amazing and easy way to get those symptoms managed. We are pretty well known for helping with back pain. Without getting into too much detail, it has to do with the different types of muscles fibers and which ones get affected with an Adjustment (type II) vs which ones get affected with exercise (type I). But we are also really great in helping prepare the body for labor and delivery. A balanced pelvis is critical for a smooth delivery and healthier pregnancy, not to mention the benefit of getting optimal baby position!!

You need to know that with pregnant moms any chiropractic care will help but you will get the most benefit and see the most results when that Doctor is specifically using Webster Technique. Webster is what I use on all my pregnant moms and my postpartum moms. I had to go through extra training through the ICPA (International Chiropractic Pediatric Association) to become proficient and certified in Webster Technique.

Like I said, Webster Techniques is specific for pregnant moms. The main focus is on your sacrum and making sure that it is balanced and in alignment. If it’s not, there can be a pull on the ligaments and muscles connected to it which minimizes space in the womb for the baby and sometimes causes that baby to have to position itself any old way it can. But we want your baby to be in that Optimal head down position. So we make sure that pelvis and sacrum is aligned and those ligaments and muscles are stripped out and even. Usually most of those aches and pains you are experiencing will fade once you have a properly positioned pelvis and your nervous system is able to function at 100%.

So if you are pregnant, get online and find yourself a Webster certified Chiropractor and get your body prepared for that growing baby. It’s never to early to start!!

In love and health,

Dr. Jes

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