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Why is that Kid getting Adjusted?

As one of our energetic 9 year olds ran into the adjusting room for his chiropractic adjustment, I noticed the puzzled look on another practice member’s face. So I asked this puzzled woman what was on her mind. She proceeded to ask why a seemingly healthy and energetic boy needed chiropractic care? Here’s how I responded...”well you know how you’ve been dealing with fatigue, chronic headaches and occasional stiffness in you spine? That young boy will never have to deal with the effects of chronic subluxations. Because he is starting his chiropractic care early, he can avoid the feeling of falling apart as he gets older. He can enjoy a lifetime of good health by taking action and learning about true health from childhood.” She stared back at me and said...”Why didn’t anyone tell me about chiropractic when I was a kid? I could have avoided YEARS of suffering. More parents need to know about chiropractic for their children!” As you know, I have a passion for teaching kids about their health early so that they have an abundant healthy life. If your kids are already being checked regularly for subluxations, I applaud you and I am honored to be trusted by you to care for your children. If your children haven’t been checked for subluxations, why not? You’ve seen your health change for the better. You have the opportunity to ensure the very best health for your children as well. And guess what, those kids get healthier and maintain their health much easier than adults do! I want the very best for you and your family so I urge you to take the necessary steps to get your children checked. Let’s have a conversation and set up the proper foundation for the health of your kids!

In love and health, Dr. Jes

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