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When Should A Baby Be Adjusted?

Healthy Mom = Healthy Baby

I once asked this question during a workshop and the answer I got surprised the heck out of me, yet it was right on. Someone from the audience said, “Before they are born!” I’m pretty sure I did a happy dance in front of the room because I was so excited about this answer. The typical response that I get is something along the lines of being adjusted right after delivery, or in the first couple days of life.

While both of those are good answers, the first one is the better of the two. First off, the reason parents want their baby to be checked for subluxations and adjusted is because they want the baby’s nervous system to be its absolute healthiest from day one. But where do babies get their health from? They get it from mom, during pregnancy of course!

So when you see a pregnant mom on the table in some strange looking positions, it’s not because mom is trying to alleviate the discomfort of her changing body. She understands the big picture and is doing all she can to ensure her baby is going to be awesomely healthy! By addressing her own subluxations during pregnancy she is giving her baby the best opportunity for great health. And in a sense is getting her baby checked and adjusted

“Before they are born!”

In love and health, Dr. Jes

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