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Take a Hike

There are times when we get caught up in the work week and we forget to unplug. It's important to give our minds a break from the computer and TV screens and reconnect with nature. As the summer weather starts to fade and the crisp fall air begins to seep in, make sure you take some time for you. Just because the sun isn't constantly shining doesn't mean we shouldn't be outside. A recent study showed that our society's separation form nature has increased stress levels and affected brain function. There is also growing evidence that children who display behavioral disorders (ex: ADD/ADHD) are finding greater benefit from spending time outdoors. Nature offers the brain the opportunity to relax and focus on the simple details of life, as opposed to the complex details of say a computer or television screen. Allowing the mind to relax helps the body adapt to the stresses that have been accumulating all week. Our mentality and mindset play a huge role in our level of health. Day to day stress can build to a point where our body function actually begins to change. I've always lived by the motto that what you think about, you bring about. When it's constantly stress that bombards your mind, your body will react accordingly. Taking proper care of your nervous system allows us to adapt to stress, and creating a relaxing time for ourselves is a great way to maintain the health you deserve.

Even though the air is a little colder and the clouds are taking over, we are blessed to live in such a beautiful location. We have access to the mountains and the ocean, as well as the many lakes surrounding us. Make every effort to unplug on a routine basis. So grab your dog, your kids, your friends and get outside. Even if it's just a walk around the park, take some time to get out of the house and enjoy the changing colors of leaves and the beauty that nature provides.

In Love and Health,

Dr. Jes

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