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Babies get 60-90 Lbs of WHAT?!

According to medical studies, during a normal delivery process, babies experience 60-90 pounds of axial traction, or pull, to their head and neck. What exactly does that mean? Imagine that we took your newborn infant, attached a 60 pound weight to her feet and then proceeded to lift her by her head. What do you think your reaction would be? If I were to take a guess, I'm pretty sure you would be FURIOUS with me! Most of you would straight up attack me in defense of your baby. Well that is the amount of trauma children experience in a "normal" delivery process. When we begin talking about c-sections, vacuum extractions, and forceps delivery, then the force only increases. Here's what I'm getting at, this pull on the babies head and neck is deemed to be "normal", but unfortunately it causes the first subluxation or misalignment. Kids begin their lives completely subluxated from the day they are delivered. Now they start experiencing their lives at a less than optimum level. I know no parent wants that for their kid. Some normal childhood events are actually not normal. They certainly are "common". But COMMON does not equal NORMAL. Allow your child to start their lives at 100% by getting them checked for subluxation as soon as possible! Contact us to set up an appointment for your little one to get checked!

Start out life right, get checked!

In love and health, Dr. Jes

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