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How to Properly Carry your Kid

Everyone who has ever been around little kids knows that they love to be held. But does all that holding cause you some pain every once in a while. If so, it could be your posture when picking up and holding the little munchkin.

It's important that we adopt a proper technique when picking up and holding children. This will help to prevent aches and pains down the road.

First things first, when picking up your kid make sure you aren't just bent straight at the waist. Like you've always heard and been told, lift with your legs. Bend those knees when trying to get into a lower position. This will help to distribute the new extra weight properly and not put any undue stress on your low back muscles and joints.

Next, when holding your child in a standing position make sure your head, neck, hips, knees and ankles are all aligned. Any sort of hip tilt can start to wreak havoc on those low back joints that are all too prone to injury. Making sure all of these structures are aligned will help to relieve any sort of strain on those joints.

Hope this helps and please check out the photo if you have any questions!

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