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Can You Actually Heal?

Many of you look to Chiropractic to heal from one health challenge or another. But do you think Chiropractic will actually help you? Have you ever had that thought of doubt? It's okay to be skeptical, I've been there too. Before I became a Chiropractor, I was a patient with my own health challenges. I got on the table, got adjusted, and wondered whether or not those "cracks" were going to help my body heal. Then the magic happened... For me, it was low back pain caused by the wear and tear of an active lifestyle. Things started clearing up and functioning better, but how? What I didn't know back then was that my body had an innate ability to heal. The adjustment was not meant to actually do any healing, but to set a process in motion. As you know, our bodies run on electrical energy that travels through the nerves. Life's stresses can change our bodies and block the flow of this electrical energy. This blockage is called a subluxation. The adjustments we receive unblock the flow and allow the body to work normally again. The proper flow of electrical energy helps the body heal. As a youngster, I didn't fully understand this principle, but had experienced dramatic changes in my health anyway. That's the funny thing about principles, you don't have to understand them for them to work. I hope this provides you some clarity about the workings of your body. If you have any other questions please ask me. Because chances are I've had that question too.

In love and health, Dr. Jes

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